The Church is open again – but it’s different!

Your church is faced with much reduced income as most of our activities are on hold. However, we are still faced with the majority of our expenses.

In a previous email we asked those of you who donate to church through the envelope scheme or by cash to save your collections for when we are able to worship together again. As this is likely to be a number of weeks away we would like to remind you of options available should you wish to make a donation sooner. As a single church we are using the existing Ingol bank account to pay our bills hence the details below are for the Ingol account. Your donations will be recorded in the accounts against the site where you regularly worship.

  1. A cheque made payable to Ingol Methodist Church with your name, postcode and site where you worship written on the back.
    • Post to Steve Gregory, Fairacre, Cumeragh Lane, Whittingham, PR3 2AL. Please do not send cash.
    • Post through the post-box at either Ashton or Ingol. Please do not post cash.
    • If you have a key you can leave a cheque or cash in the office at either Ashton or Ingol
  2. Make a one off payments by bank transfer. Please use your Initial and Surname as the reference followed by “A” for Ashton or “C” for Cottam or “I” for Ingol.

Account Name:                 Ingol Methodist Church

Sort Code:                          20-69-85

Account Number:             50513458

  1. Set up a regular Standing Order to make future donations. If you would like more information on this please contact Steve Gregory on 07484288494 or email